Flood Damage Specialists

An urgent message to those who’s homes or businesses have been affected by Hurricane Sandy:


If you or anyone you know of has a home or place of business that has been damaged by flooding from Hurricane Sandy please tell them to contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to inspect the electrical system prior to re-energizing their homes or places of business as power is restored to the area. We have already seen or have been called to places where the electrical system
has obviously been compromised by flooding and the owners and/or tenants are absolutely putting themselves and the lives and property of others in the area at risk by choosing to energize the damaged electrical system. Any portion of the electrical system that was submerged due to flooding IS compromised. Just because it works DOES NOT mean it is safe to use.

Gerard Electric can work efficiently with homeowners and general contractors to ensure that any part of the electrical distribution system of your home or business which may have been compromised by flooding due to the affects of Hurricane Sandy is repaired properly. As is the case with all of our projects, all wiring & installation performed by our electricians will be done according to or above and beyond all local and national codes and standards.Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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